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The Scam of Psychology

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On 1/19/2018 (immediately after Q was released to probation following the FBI election-rigging kidnapping of 2016-2017), the corrupt Federal Judge overseeing the case (Mark A. Kearney) ordered a federal psychiatrist (Dr. Sheila M. Rowan) to forge yet another false schizophrenia diagnosis upon Q to obtain tax payer funding for medically unnecessary mental health treatment as part of Q's probation (a felony crime called Health Care Fraud under 18 U.S. Code § 1347). Judge Kearney knew that what he was doing was a federal felony crime, and so he illegally ordered Q not to record it and also contacted Dr. Rowan to illegally instruct her not to consent to allow Q to record it (as documented in the recording above). Judge Kearney is known for issuing illegal rulings to prevent citizens from recording police or other government employees that are committing crimes, as can be seen here. Q defied Judge Kearney and "recorded the police" (the evaluation with Dr. Rowan) because it was absolutely clear that a felony crime committed directly by federal government officials was about to occur (as documented in the recording below):

Immediately following the evaluation recorded above, Q then informed Judge Kearney that he defied his order and recorded the evaluation anyway and that he was now demanding a copy of Dr. Rowans report to see if she attempted to forge another false schizophrenia diagnosis. The FBI then acted to remove Judge Kearney from the case to coverup exposure of how they weaponize Psychiatrists against innocent whistleblowers (and other members of the public). The FBI then installed a new Judge to try and coverup the federal health care fraud crime of the prior federal officials by having the probation officers go back to Q and tell him that Dr. Rowan's report came back with a "clean bill of health" and as a result, they were now terminating all anger management and mental health requirements illegally demanded by Judge Kearney.

Q still insisted that he be provided a copy of Dr. Rowan's evaluation to confirm it came back with a "clean bill of health," at which time the Probation officers informed Q that he's free to obtain a copy of the evaluation from Dr. Rowan directly (as the probation was not allowed to release it without explaining why). Q went back to Dr. Rowan to get a copy of her evaluation, she then informed Q that probation was instead instructing her not to release the report. When Q went back to probation to confront them about these contradictions, they again stated to Q that Dr. Rowan lied and that Q should return back to her office to retrieve the report. These evil lies went on for some time until Q was finally able to make contact with an employee of Dr. Rowan's office who reviewed the emails being sent to Q by probation (which captured their lies), and this honest employee confirmed she was "very disturbed" about the illegal activity being engaged by federal officials as part of their attempt to deny Q a copy of the false report (secret video can be seen below):

When Q finally obtained a copy of the report, he then confirmed that Dr. Rowan did issue a knowingly false diagnosis of schizophrenia at the illegal request of Judge Kearney and also as part of an ongoing criminal conspiracy by the FBI and numerous federal judges to imprison Q for merely documenting all these crimes to the public (and to ultimately punish Q for his religious beliefs in opposition to pedophilia). This is a copy of Dr. Rowan's false medical report which was eventually also reviewed and disputed by a much more accomplished and qualified doctor named Marie DiCowden. After Q was able to arm himself with recordings and reports to fight the false schizophrenia diagnosis, he then continued to record his probation officer for almost a year as she engaged illegal obstruction of Q's right to have a hearing to dispute the false report. By April of 2019 Q had informed her that he recorded her crimes and as a result, she then plotting to illegally imprison Q on a false claim that he committed a federal misdimeanor by recording her. In reality, it is legal to record doctors, police and anyone engaged in the performance of federal duties as per federal law, and all the threats to illegally imprison Q for enforcing his First Amendment rights to record them are illegal. One of these illegal threats from the desperate probation officer can he heard below.

As a result of all these scandals, on September 13th, 2019, Q became the first defendant to win the right to use medical marijuana while on federal probation. In order to obtain this victory against the feds, Q devised a masterful legal exploit that not only allowed him to win the right to use medical marijuana, but this exploit also allowed him to also invalidate the entire premise behind the false "threat" case filed against him by the FBI to try and rig 2016 for Hillary Clinton (by also proving that it is impossible for him to have schizophrenia). Once Q cornered Judge Kearney into ordering the recorded false-schizo evaluation, it was all over for the evil little leprechaun. Kearney did not seem to understand why the FBI only attempts to manufacture false schizo diagnosis on Q after he is already kidnapped into illegal custody and stripped of his cell phone (so he cannot record anything). The evaluation ordered by Kearney was literally the first time since 911 that Q was actually free and able to finally bring his own recording device to capture it. When Kearney realized that he had made a mistake, all he could do was order Q not to record the evaluation because a crime was about to occur (and everyone already knew it), but by that time it was already too late. Once Q obtained the false schizo diagnosis from Dr. Rowan, he also went and obtained a diagnosis of PTSD from Dr. DiCowden to set up his final confrontation with Judge Conti (who was the Judge that replaced Kearney when he was removed by FBI for his stupid mistakes). Q already knew the Court would block him from having a hearing to dispute the forged schizophrenia diagnosis because the recording proved it, so Q then obtained a medical marijuana license based upon his diagnosis of PTSD to force the Court to conduct a hearing.

The key to this legal exploit was a little known federal law called the "Consolidated Appropriations Act" which prohibits the Department of Justice (DOJ) from expending any taxpayer funds to enforce federal marijuana laws upon a medical marijuana patient (as long as the patient "strictly complies" with the laws of the State where he obtains his license). Up until September 13th, 2019, many people attempted to invoke the Act in order to try and obtain the right to use medical marijuana while on federal probation, but in all the precedents, no one had "strictly complied" with the State laws to successfully obtain the relief. In all the prior precedents, the litigants made minor mistakes that the Judges would seize upon to deny them relief under that act. Q dotted all his i's and crossed all his t's to ensure full compliance with the statute, so he came to court ready (unlike everyone else before him).

In Florida, you can use medical marijuana for PTSD, but schizophrenia is NOT a qualifying condition. Thus all Q had to do was piss a dirty urine for marijuana force the Court to determine which diagnosis actually applied to Q (because Florida prohibits use of medical marijuana for schizophrenia). Q could only successfully invoke the Act after the Court makes a finding that Q suffers from PTSD rather than schizophrenia (where Q is stating that he has PTSD specifically because of all the false schizo diagnosis forced on him by FBI for two decades). At one point when Q won the right to bifurcate the hearing to call the doctors as witnesses, the prosecutors and probation officers even attempted to sabotage Q by demanding for the following hearing to be conducted in Pennsylvania just to try and make it harder (if not impossible) for the Florida doctors to attend the hearing!!!

Once Q pissed a dirty urine and then demanded a hearing to invoke the ACT, the Court was stuck with no choice but to bifurcate the probation violation hearing to permit Q to call the doctors in as witnesses, and the prosecutors realized they would lose and so they admitted the PTSD diagnosis, withdrew the marijuana violation and immediately terminated the probation (almost two years early) because they could no longer supervise Q while he was actively blowing marijuana smoke in the face of his probation officer to celebrate his victory. The court is still refusing to provide Q with official recordings and transcripts of the hearing, which is why Q had to literally smuggle a recorder into the Court house just to capture these proceedings. Q was illegally imprisoned from May until September 2019 before the judge finally admitted that Q had a right to challenge his unlawful imprisonment for using medical marijuana, and still she refuses to provide Q official recordings and transcripts of the hearing. Excerpts from the hearing are documented below as follows:

Q is openly accused of hallucinating important events in his life despite the fact that numerous other persons also corroborate his claims. Here is an excerpt from another false "schizophrenia" report where the FBI alleges that Q was never imprisoned with the Blind Sheikh, and an affidavit from witnesses confirming that he was.

Q attempted to sue Dr. Rowan for her evil crimes in Florida State Court but the Trump/DeSantis mafia unlawfully dismissed the lawsuit because the recording clearly affirms that a jury would have awarded substantial damages for blatant and intentional crimes. Q's Florida appeal can be found here.

Red states (like Florida) are not really conservative, they only pretend to be. In reality, anyone can be molested by the pedophiles (anywhere in America) for the right price.